Course Syllabus

Building a sustainable future depends on restructuring the global economy, major shifts in human
 reproductive behavior, and dramatic changes in values and lifestyles.   How can our society become more sustainable?  What does will sustianibility require of us as individuals?   What does it require of us collectively?    What lessons can we learn from the past?   In this class students will examine these questions and explore in depth some of the major impediments to sustainability.  Having identified and explored impediments to sustainability students will work in groups to explore one of 4 growing areas of concern: food, energy, economics, governance.   


In this class together we will:

identify major impediments to achieving a sustainable society.

grapple with the question: is a sustainable society possible?  

                        What is the timeline of sustainability?

                        Is sustainability a reasonable goal?

*choose from among one of four hopeful movements and explore how that movement is helping our society move toward a more sustainable future. 

Course Summary:

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