CSE 490 D: Introduction to accessible technology and participatory design

CSE 490 D: Introduction to accessible technology and participatory design

CSE490D: Introduction to Accessible Technology and Participatory Design

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The Goals and Complexities of Designing All-inclusive, Cutting-edge, Technology Solutions.

In this course, we consider the complex relationship between technology and people through the lens of designers and engineers. The course primarily addresses the global issue of equal access to public spaces and to information and communications technology (ICT) by persons with disabilities. We examine the ways in which technology can be both assistive and a potential barrier for diverse populations, regardless of ability or heterogeneous needs, and in that context we will review a host of devices and solutions created to improve quality of life, function and independence for people with disabilities. Additionally, we will explore the role of technology designers and engineers in designing for equity in a technology-laden society, and therein explore the fundamental connection between critical social theory and participatory design. Students are asked to participate in class discussions about the readings, complete short assignments and present their ideas for technology innovations that embody all-inclusive design. This course will prepare students to pursue lead roles in participatory design teams.


Instructors: Anat Caspi & Heather Feldner

TA: Lauren Milne

Course Meeting Room: EEB003

Course Meeting Time: Wed 2:30-4:00

Office: CSE340

Office hours: by appointment

Reach us: caspian (at) cs (dot) washington (dot) edu  /or/ milnel2 (at) cs (dot) washington (dot) edu

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