Engineering Jordan Information

Engineering Jordan Information

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Engineering Jordan: Water in an Arid Land, Study Abroad

This is a 5-credit UW faculty-led exploration seminar study abroad.

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Course Description: Engineered water systems play a vital societal role through water and wastewater treatment to ensure public health and environmental protection. Climate and cultural attitudes toward water differ drastically around the globe, both of which impact the effectiveness of engineering water systems designs. This course examines impacts of a hot dry climate on water engineering systems by studying the engineered water cycle in Jordan including (Unit 1) Water Cycles and Water Sources in Jordan, (Unit 2) Drinking Water Treatment and distribution in Jordan including Desalination, (Unit 3) Wastewater Treatment and Reuse, (Unit 4) Decentralized and On-site Treatment, and (Unit 5) Ancient Water Engineering.

This course occurs on-location in Jordan during late August and early September (Early Fall Term at the University of Washington). The course is a partnership between the Jordan University for Science and Technology (JUST) and the University of Washington (UW). Students from both Universities learn and live together on the JUST campus for the duration of the course. Primary learning is through field visits to water resources, drinking water treatment plants, and wastewater treatment plants located through-out Northern Jordan. This learning is supplemented by guest speakers representing local water professionals, government, and academics.


JUST students: Participation is in the form of a short-course workshop. Students are expected to participate in all portions of the course. To maximize the impacts of the learning, priorities is given to those students that will live in the JUST dorms with the UW students. Contact Dr. Muna Abu-Dalo for more information.


UW students: There are three course numbers designed to meet a range of student needs (Contact Dr. Heidi Gough for more information, or click on the "modules" tab for answers to FAQ):

CEE 497 - Designed for Engineering majors who have completed their junior year. Engineering and science students who have completed their freshmen or sophomore years also have successfully completed this course. The instruction assumes that students have completed at least one college-level science course (e.g. CHEM 142, BIO 180, PHYS 121).

CEE 598 - Designed for Engineering and Science students enrolled at the UW as graduate students. Students who have completed their senior year requirements, but have delayed graduation to participate in this course, may also be admitted with permission of the instructor.

ENGR 298/498 - (New in 2016!) Designed for non-science majors interested in learning the fundamentals of water engineering science for the non-specialist. The course topics will be the same, but without the pre-assumption of completion of a college-level science course. This section will be offered if there is sufficient student interest.

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