DXARTS 490 A: Special Topics In Digital Arts And Experimental Media

DXARTS 490 A: Special Topics In Digital Arts And Experimental Media

DXARTS 490: Data-driven Art

A studio-based class in which students are introduced to making art using databases, audio/video corpuses, remote/cloud-based data and metadata. The class considers the implications and possibilities of artists using such systems, looking at dynamic, algorithmic based approaches to composing with highly distributed collections of data. The class includes weekly discussion, lectures and labs.


James Coupe [coupe@uw.edu]

Class mailing list

dxarts490a_au16@u.washington.edu (NOTE: you'll need to post email using your UW NetID email)


See Assignments page. There are seven homework assignments and a final. Attendance at the final session is mandatory. Your grade will break down as described in the section below.


Grading of all assignments will be based upon the quality of concept, experimentation, work ethic and realisation. The overall class grade will be broken down as follows:

  • Participation: 25% (including lab assignments / in-class participation / reading)
  • Homeworks: 35% (5% each)
  • Final project: 40%

Any missed assignments will lower your grade at least a full letter grade, so it is VERY important that all work is completed. Everything in the class builds on previous work, so do not fall behind. Late work will not be accepted.




Course Summary:

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