Course Syllabus


The "Syllabus" page in Canvas allows you to add either an "html" version of your syllabus like this or a linked PDF or Word document. You can add a fancy banner across the top like the one above if you wish. They are both acceptable as the PDF and the Word document will preview in the browser.

It would look like this: Class Syllabus.

The page also includes a chronological list of graded work at the bottom. You cannot remove it or change it on the Syllabus page. It is simply gathering the information from course content you have created.

In an html version, make sure to use the "paragraph" and "heading" options to differentiate between sections. For example, below I have added two sections using "Heading Two" as the larger size, and "paragraph" as the normal smaller text. 


Make sure to include your attendance policy as well as your tardy policy (if you choose to have one or both). Let students know how you will be keeping attendance (e.g., passing a sheet around, calling role) and the specific penalty for accumulating absences or tardies. Be clear and make sure to call students’ attention to this section.

Class participation

Some instructors decide not to formally evaluate class participation. They may feel it is impossible to grade participation fairly or objectively, or they may feel active participation is a given. Other instructors prefer to encourage class participation and discussion by making it a formal component of assessment. If you do choose to grade students on class participation, you need to let students know how you will be evaluating their participation as well as how it will figure into their course or section grade. Be specific.

Course Summary:

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