Medicaid - Statement of Completion

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 Completion of this quiz is for the Undeserved Pathway to have a record that you have completed all components of this module. You will be asked this same question at the end of every module. 

Please note: 

  • Module Evaluation: The UP team does not require that you evaluate all modules but we highly recommend that you do, so we can continue to make improvements to existing modules based off of your feedback. All submissions are anonymously collected on another UW system (Catalyst), we have no way to verify evaluation completion. Therefore, while we ask you to complete the evaluation as a requirement of this module, we do not verify completion of your evaluation.
  • Module Tracking: The UP team links you to the UP tracker as a requirement of this module. We ask all students to periodically update their UP trackers as they complete various UP requirements. Our general recommendation is for you to update your tracker as you complete modules and as you complete other UP requirements (underserved non-clinical selectives, III, underserved clinical rotations, or underserved service learning/advocacy/community engagement activities, etc.). Similarly ,while we ask you to update your UP Tracker as a requirement of this module, we do not verify that you have updated your UP tracker each time you complete a module. The UP team verifies that you have completed modules marked off on your UP tracker in July (prior to MSPE completion) and once again at the end of your 4th year (prior to graduation). 

Please email if you have any questions. 

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