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Reflective Writing (1)
Reflective Writing (1)
Criteria Ratings
Central Purpose
Are the reasons for your writing clear, appropriate, and intentional?
Can your reader easily follow and understand your paper from beginning to end? Does the division into paragraphs make sense? Are your paragraphs connected to each other in a logical way? Do they all contribute to the main point of the essay?
Are the words and ideas used within the assignment relevant and effective in developing and supporting the paper’s central purpose?
Do you do enough to carry your case? Is the document substantial enough (but still within the assigned word length) to leave the desired impression upon the reader?
How fluid, sophisticated, and effective is your writing at the sentence and paragraph level? Are sentences and word choices varied and clear?
Is your paper well-edited and spell-checked? Have you reviewed your verb tense/agreement, punctuation, and other grammatical elements?