ENGL 198 B Wi 19: Interdisciplinary Writing/Social Science

ENGL 198 will be an interactive class with a variety of writing assignments and exercises, including learning the different ways to read, to take notes, and how to edit your own work. ENGL 198 is linked to a history lecture class, Dr. Charity Urbanski’s HSTAM 112: The Medieval World. Although we will analyze the readings and use the essay prompts from the Medieval World class, our focus in ENGL 198 will be on the mechanics and practice of writing. ENGL 198 will be much like a workshop where you learn to write or learn to improve your own writing by writing. And you will likely have opportunity to write either research or a historical fiction essay based on your own interests.

The instructor of this course, Arna Elezovic, is a PhD candidate in the UW History Department. She has taught ENGL 198 A, her own history course HSTCMP 290 (on Indiana Jones and archaeology in the Mediterranean world), and TA'd for Dr. Urbanski multiple times. Email Arna at elezovic@uw.edu with any questions.