Long paper step 1a: Set up our tools for scholarly writing

  • Due Jan 18, 2019 at 11:59pm
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This quiz will help you get set up with the tools we are using to make our long essay excellent. We will be writing our assignment in Markdown (a simple plain-text document formatting syntax), using Atom (a program for editing text), Zotero (for helping with citations and references), Git (for tracking changes), GitLab (for backing up our work).

Use of these specific tools is central to succeeding in this course, and I will give you as much help as you need to get comfortable with them. I give more details on why we are using these tools in a discussion post here. If you want to use other tools for writing, they'll need to be similar to what everyone else is using, and you'll need permission from me first. 

For this quiz you will need to install some software on your computer (so you can't do this quiz on your phone or library computer). The software is free, you will not need to pay anything. You will need to have administrator access to a computer that you can use regularly throughout the quarter.

If you find something doesn't work, or you have any questions, make a new post at our Discussion board ASAP so we can solve your problem fast. You will get a quicker answer there than by emailing me, and maybe your Q&A will help another student.

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