Quizzettino #1: Pro Caelio

  • Due May 8 at 5pm
  • Points 100
  • Questions 3
  • Available Apr 30 at 4:30pm - Jun 12 at 11:59pm about 1 month
  • Time Limit None


Due FRIDAY, MAY 8 by 5:00 PM

NOTE: There is no set time limit.  For both Parts, you may consult a dictionary and Dyck's commentary.  

Part I.  From the portions of the Pro Caelio we have read in Latin, choose TWO passages each roughly 12-15 lines in length (don't worry if it's a little less or a little more) that YOU especially liked reading -- and translate these into good English (because one wouldn't want to translate into bad English, would one?).  Your translation should, in short, show a grasp of the grammar without doing undue violence to the English language.  ENTER YOUR TRANSLATION OF PASSAGE 1 IN QUESTION 1, AND YOUR TRANSLATION OF PASSAGE 2 IN QUESTION 2.

Part II. Translate the 'sight' passage from the Pro Caelio (drawn from the portions you read in English).   ENTER YOUR SIGHT TRANSLATION IN THE BOX FOR QUESTION 3.

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