Quiz #2 (CLAS/HSTAM 420)

  • Due Jun 2 at 5pm
  • Points 30
  • Questions 12
  • Available May 28 at 12:30pm - Jun 9 at 5:01pm 12 days
  • Time Limit None


PLEASE NOTE: This quiz is untimed and open book, and in theory should take you no more than an hour (assuming you don't have to look everything up!).   And please READ the following instructions:

INSTRUCTIONS: Write a brief paragraph (5-8 sentences) on any SIX (6) of the TWELVE (12) questions (any responses beyond the required six will not be counted...if you answer more, that is, I'll count only your first six responses).  Please be aware that Canvas will warn you that you've only answered 6 of the 12 questions, but you should choose 'submit anyway'.  There are 15 available points (2.5 per question) -- ignore the fact that you see '30 points'.

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