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Short Assignment Rubric
Short Assignment Rubric
Criteria Ratings Pts
Quality of submitted response
Does the submission fully respond to the exercise question(s)? Is it clear and well-focused, presenting a coherent interpretation of the materials?
threshold: pts
10 pts
Excellent work that goes beyond the expectations of the exercise.
9.3 pts
Very good
Very strong work, which offers a complete and accurate answer to the exercise.
8 pts
Good work; but doesn't fully complete the requirements of the exercise. One or two elements are lacking.
7.5 pts
Late work
The work is complete and accurate, but has been submitted after the deadline.
5 pts
The work is incomplete or inadequate: not all questions are answered; not all requirements are met.
0 pts
The work isn't submitted.
10 pts
Total Points: 10 out of 10