EWP Research and Writing: In-class (draft)

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These exercises are designed to be used as we work with the topics in today's session.

Note: DO NOT submit the exercise until you are finished! It will automatically save as you go.  If you leave the exercise, it will retain your saved answers, and you can return to finish it. Once you've completed each answer,  simply hit the submit button and it will be submitted for grading. 


This class period will help you find sources for your research.

Please work through the exercises/questions in this quiz as prompted.

The aim is to find a minimum of three different kinds of sources on your topic:

1. A reference source
2. A scholarly article
3. A website

You will find a minimum of 3 sources today, but it would be wise to find more. This time is a good chance for you to make sure you have a solid body of source material to move forward on your research. The more potentially relevant sources you have now, the better off you'll be in the next couple of weeks!