Course Syllabus

Fish 522: Hot Topics in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences


The intent of this class is introduce you to key subjects in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences by discussing key issues and uncovering controversies in the field, exploring ongoing research approaches to addressing these issues, and identifying possible pathways to advancing our knowledge in key areas. Our focus is interdisciplinary in nature, and serves as a gateway to understanding the vibrant nature of our field and the contribution of our School to this field. During this quarter, we invite our faculty to meet with us in discussion focused seminars, with the aim of developing a clear understanding of advances in the field. There is also a social aspect to the class; we aim to provide a way to interact with students within your cohort and to introduce you to our broader community.


The SAFS faculty

Kerry Naish (moderator), Associate Professor, Room 209 Marine Studies,

Meeting Times

Thursdays 1.30-3.20 FSH Room 203

 What you need to do to get credit in the class

The class is graded credit / no credit. Each week, you will be assigned a number of papers by faculty representing a specific “hot topic”. These are accessible on the Canvas Discussion Board.

By 7.30pm each Wednesday prior to the class, please read the papers and provide the following:

  1. A written introductory summary of at least a quarter of a page, describing the key issues in the discipline area under discussion, and your interpretation of the status of any controversies.

  2. At least two questions arising from the reading that you would like clarified by the guest faculty members.

  3. A shortlist of topics you think the class should consider in our discussion with the faculty. There should be at least two topics in your list. You may use quotations to support your list.

 Please upload your written contributions to the Canvas discussion board for each week. The visiting faculty will have access to your contributions. Completion of the assignment every week is required to get credit.


Syllabus: (Topics change by year, the following is a sample)

 Week 1: Dave Beauchamp and Kerry Naish

Is enhancement a viable conservation and management strategy?

 Week 2: Andre Punt and Ray Hilborn

The status of world fisheries: rebuilding and the Magnuson-Stevens Act

 Week 3:  Jim Anderson and Si Simenstad

A question of spill in the Columbia River Hydrosystem

 Week 4: Gordon Holtgrieve and Daniel Schindler

Ecosystem management in freshwater and anadromous species

 Week 5: Trevor Branch and David Armstrong

Fishing down, though and throughout marine food webs

 Week 6: Kristin Laidre and Carolyn Friedman

Climate warming effects on marine organisms

 Week 7: Steven Roberts and Graham Young

Epigenetics: should aquatic scientists pay attention to its effects?

 Week 8: Tim Essington and Chris Anderson

Catch shares and marine fisheries stewardship

 Week 9: Graduate Student Symposium

Please participate in this symposium; it showcases graduate student research and is held all day, with goodies and a reception to follow.

 Week 10: Thanksgiving


Course Summary:

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