Course Syllabus

Course overview

Tuesday and Thursday 11:30a-1:20p in MGH 044 (maximum class size 43). Ten combined lecture/labs from 30 October through 4 December. 

Instructor: Gordon Holtgrieve,, phone: 206-616-7041, office: FSH (Fishery Sciences Bldg.) 316B. Office hours by appointment.

Teaching assistant: Melissa Muradian,, office: Y.  Office hours 10:00a – 11:00a Tuesdays.

Learning objectives

This course builds on Introduction to R to better develop advanced programming skills and statistical methods within R.  By the end of this course students will be able to write R scripts that include user-defined functions, loops, basic flow control (if-else statements), and produce advanced plots.  Statistical concepts of maximum likelihood estimation, optimization, and bootstrapping will also be discussed.

Required readings

Electronic course materials and lectures. No required textbook, but students may find it useful to find a copy of “The Art of R Programming” by Norman Matloff.

Evaluation and grading

Credit/no credit, 2 credits. Credit awarded based on the completion of all assigned weekly homework exercises, which will average 4 hours per week. 

Course Summary:

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