Course Syllabus

FISH 552 Introduction to R programming

Course overview

Monday and Wednesday 11:30am to 1:20pm, room MGH030. Ten combined lecture/labs from 30 September to 2 November. Followed immediately by 10 lectures of FISH 553 Advanced R Programming.  

Instructor: Trevor A. Branch,, office: FISH 322B. 

Teaching assistant: Maite Pons, Office hours in FSH 329, 3:00-4:00pm Thursdays.

Learning objectives

An introduction to the statistical computing language R for graduate students with no prior background in R or programming.

Required readings

Course handouts and lectures. No required textbook, but students may find it useful to borrow a copy of “Getting started with R: an introduction for biologists” by Beckerman and Petchey.

Evaluation and grading

Credit/no credit, 2 credits. Credit awarded based on the completion of all assigned weekly homework exercises, which will average 4 hours per week. 

Course Summary:

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