INFO 360 C: Design Thinking

INFO 360 C: Design Thinking

Instructor: Andrew Ko (office hours by appointment)

Teaching Assistant: Nikita Redij (office hours by appointment, email at

This is a class about design thinking. You'll learn how envision, explain, and evaluate solutions to a wide range of human problems involving information and interaction. These skills include user research methods, visual and interaction design skills, methods for evaluating designs, and skills for communicating your designs. The course will be a balance between lectures, classroom activities, critiques, and a quarter-long team project.

You should bring to each class:

  • An extra fine red pen
  • A black sketching utensil (pen, pencil, charcoal, or whatever you are comfortable with)
  • A sketchbook, no lines, at least 60 pages. Perforated pages are preferred, to make it easy to remove them when necessary.

All work will be graded and posted on GradeBook no later than one week after submission.

Late work is not accepted, except for medical reasons that are communicated in a timely manner to the instructor or personal reasons communicated in advance of due dates. Activities, labs, and critiques cannot be made up, but you can miss up to 2 activities, 2 labs, and 2 critiques without it affecting your grade.

The 100 points in the course will be converted to grade points with the following formula:

grade point = truncateToTenths((total points - 60) x 0.089 + 0.7)

The score is truncated to the nearest tenth; for example, a 96.75 is truncated to a 96, even though it is closer to 97. This formula produces this mapping:

total grade point
≥ 97 points 4.0
86 points 3.0
75 points 2.0
63 points 1.0
60 points 0.7
≤ 59 points 0.0

Course Summary:

Date Details Due