Habit Loop Observation

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Emma Haeusel



  1. B.H. has a lot of extra energy. Because of that, it is hard for her to focus her mind on one thing. When she is talking to someone and she is able to, she will rub her feet together. This helps her focus her mind on what she is talking about and gives her something to do so she isn’t fidgety.


Cue: Talking to someone for extended periods of time

Routine: Rubbing her feet together

Reward: Puts her energy somewhere and is able to focus better


  1. B.H. has since stopped this behavior, but in the past, she had a finger nail biting habit. It went on for over ten years and annoyed quite a few people. She would bite her fingernails down to the quick every time she was nervous or bored.


Cue: Anxiety or boredom

Routine: Biting her fingernails

Reward: Gave herself something to do or distracted from the fact she was anxious about something


  1. Emma brushes her teeth every morning and every night right after having breakfast and right before going to bed. After she is done brushing with toothpaste, she starts over again with nothing on her toothbrush and does a quick one over of all her teeth. This helps her feel like her teeth are more clean even though it probably doesn’t actually do anything.


Cue: Finishing brushing with toothpaste

Routine: Brushing teeth again without anything on toothbrush

Reward: Teeth feel even cleaner

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