Course Syllabus


Jason Beste, MD, MPH

Chenglin Hong, MSW, MPH


This course will provide a general overview to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lectures series will consist of 6 sessions with each session comprised of a 30-minute lecture. The 6 sessions will encompass the following topics:

  1. Coronavirus emergence and trajectory;
  2. Pandemic preparedness and response measures;
  3. Diagnostics and testing;
  4. Treatment and vaccine development;
  5. Personal and institutional prevention; and
  6. Social and economic impacts.

These sessions will be facilitated by faculty members at the University of Washington who are coronavirus and pandemic preparedness experts and are open to the University of Washington faculty, staff, and students, academic universities, and to the general public.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the epidemiology and pathogenesis of COVID-19;
  • Explain why COVID-19 became a pandemic and how it spread in Seattle;
  • Describe Pandemic Preparedness and Response Measures use in the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Describe the challenges the United States had with the its diagnostic testing;
  • Outline testing criteria for COVID-19 and explain how it changed over time;
  • Identify treatment options that may be available for COVID-19 that are currently undergoing clinical trials;
  • Describe why vaccinations are important and what vaccinations are currently being developed;
  • Discuss the prevention measures individuals and institutions can take to prevent the spread the COVID-19; and
  • Explain the major social and economic impacts COVID-19 has had both within the United States and around the world.


The sessions are recorded from a live seminar course for University of Washington graduate students. We are making these recordings available to everyone. 

We regret we cannot answer individual questions about content. If you have technical questions, please email and put covid-19 course in the subject line.



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