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moral  - holding principles toward a greater good

endeavor - trying hard to achieve something

Colleges and universities in the United States have cultivated moral leadership since the Colonial colleges of the 17th century.  Many aspects of the higher educational enterprise have evolved tremendously since then.  Since the late 1890s intercollegiate women's and men’s basketball has had a place on college campuses. Today varsity athletics are a small segment within the university, but on many campuses they have a profound impact on campus life, university exposure, and the lives of student-athletes.  Many believe intercollegiate athletics are not  part of the university mission, despite being a key feature of many campuses. However, the persistent pursuit of status within higher education fuels competition and demand for the many aspects athletic programs regardless of the size of the campus. These tensions and others have led to a multitude of ways of approaching athletics and educational preparation on many campuses.


The goal of the course is to develop a community that thinks deeply and with intentionality about the dilemmas that intercollegiate athletics expose in higher education. One of the key aspects of this class is examining the stories that illustrate the complexity and tensions we face when educational institutions offer highly competitive and sometimes commercial athletic programs. Rather than debate the issues, we seek to raise underlying issues. In this class we ask, what is the purpose of education? Whose interests are being served? What else is going on here?

In particular, we ask you to think ahead not just fall or next year, although these are crucial moments, but to 2030; not just through, but toward recovery and rebuilding. What do we want the future to be?  Then turn to the work of building the skills and knowledge now, to prepare for that future. 


1. Explore the E-I model, purpose of education, institutional mission, moral decision-making themes.

2. Explore personal values and prepare for developing congruence with institutional and systemic values that are explored throughout the IAL year. 

3. Disrupt our understanding of college sports, questioning and analyzing what we know.

4. Preparing to reimagine college sports and what it reveals about higher education.


Jennifer Hoffman

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Start date: July 20 |  End date: July 31

Synchronous sessions: July 21, 23, 27, 29 & 31

Asynchronous work: July 20 - Aug 21

Special note - Attendance is required for Zoom sessions and class Zoom sessions will be recorded.

However, students can expect flexibility for missed a segment to contribute and receive full credit. If a session or segment is missed:

      • check in with your instructors via Inbox when a session is missed
      • check in with your group over missed work as needed.
      • check in with your instructors via Inbox when the work is completed

Full contribution to the group project and completion of all individual assignments is required for credit. Accommodation for completion is made on a case by case  basis as needed.

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Zoom Schedule: 

Tues, July 21



Thurs July 23



Mon July 27



Wed July 29



Fri July 29





Course credits: 3

Credit/NC (CR/NC). To receive course credit all assignments and participation must receive a satisfactory grade.


Required readings, Podcasts, & other materials are listed under each module. 

Recommended Readings

Hoffman, Jennifer Lee. College Sports & Institutional Values In Competition: Leadership Challenges, 2020. E-book & print available via the UW library.

McPherson, Michael, and Morton Schapiro. “Aligning Athletics and Academic Values.” In Future of Higher Education Annual Symposium, 51–54. Aspen, CO: Aspen Institute, 2005.

Smith, Ronald A. “Introduction.” In Pay for Play: A History of Big-Time College Athletic Reform, 1–6. Sport and Society. Urbana, Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2011.

Thelin, J. From Sports Page, To Front Page: Intercollegiate Athletics & American Higher Education. 3-13. In Eddie Comeaux Editor,  Introduction To Intercollegiate Athletics, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015.


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