Course Syllabus

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HSTAA 345A - Spring 2021 - University of Washington - Prof. Margaret O'Mara

Welcome! This is an upper-division small lecture course surveying the United States since 1920.

A full syllabus is here. Course policies are here. To contact the professor directly, click here.

Quick links to readings and assignments, week-by-week:

WEEK 1 - The “Roaring” 1920s 

WEEK 2 – The crisis of capitalism and the New Deal 

WEEK 3 – The war years at home 

WEEK 4 – Cold War democracy 

WEEK 5 – The Business of Suburbia 

WEEK 6 – The space race and Silicon Valley

WEEK 7 – The revolution will be televised  

WEEK 8 – 1970s economic crisis and its legacies 

WEEK 9 – Reagan Revolution 

WEEK 10 – the "new" economy 

Course Summary:

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