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Welcome to Biol 118, Summer 2023 ONLINE

2023-03-03 Syllabus and Course Schedule Early Release Version: Biol 118 Syllabus.pdf

2023-06-08 Official Course Schedule for Biol 118 Summer 2023 posted.

2023-06-16 The Canvas Site will open this weekend.  Expect updates throughout the weekend and Monday.
Official Summer 2023 Biol 118 Syllabus and Course Policies released!

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.
~Prof. Savolainen


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will Biol 118 Summer Quarter be 100% Online?

Yes!  Lectures, Assignments, Exams, the Textbook everything is Online Summer 2023. 
Biol 118 is available in-person Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters.


I need an Add Code, who do I contact?

Send me and email ( and we'll go from there :)  


I'm taking Biol 119, is there an Online version too?

No, Biol 119 is an In-Person Lab Course held on the UW Seattle Campus.  Please see the UW Time Schedule for times and location.


How long is Summer Quarter?

Summer Quarter is 9 weeks long.  Instruction begins on June 20th and the Final Exam is on Aug. 18th, 2023.


Is this course Synchronous or Asynchronous?

Great question!  It's entirely up to you!  I *highly* recommend attending the Live Zoom lectures so you can interact with your peers during in-class activities/assignments, ask questions in real time, clear up any confusion during class...  However, life happens, and when you cannot make it to the Live Zoom, you can always catch up on lecture materials via Panopto Recordings and work on in-class activities and assignments independently or with a study group.


What does Synchronous Online instruction mean at UW?

"Synchronous Online: Students and instructors interact online synchronously through regularly-scheduled, required meetings using applications such as Zoom. Students should also expect to interact with others and engage in course materials asynchronously. The time schedule contains information about the course’s regular, required synchronous meeting time."

For more information visit UW's Office of the University Registrar: Course Modes


How can I access the Textbook? How much does it Cost?

You can access the textbook for FREE at any time: OpenStax: Anatomy & Physiology 2e 
your method of textbook access that matches your learning style:

  • Read online for free!
  • Download a free .pdf file
  • Or purchase a print copy if a physical copy of the book is more your style :)


Does the Textbook (OpenStax: A&P 2e) meet ADA Guidelines for accessibility?

It sure does!  OpenStax's accessibility statement, VPAT and Conformance and Remediation Form are available at


When are Exams?

Exams will occur on the following days, from 11:00am - 12:00pm PDT:

  • Exam 1 - June 30th
  • Exam 2 - July 14th
  • Exam 3 - July 28th
  • Final Exam - Aug. 18th

These dates and times will not change.


How many Exams are there? What are Exams like? Are there Drops?

Exams are online and are open note, open book, and can be taken Individually (recommended) or with your Study Group. Biol 118 Summer 2023 will have three Exams (Exams 1-3) plus a Final Exam. Your lowest exam score for Exams 1-3 will be dropped automatically.  The Final Exam cannot be dropped. 

Each exam is held online on Canvas, and is written comparable to 50 mins exams taken during in-person versions of the class. Each question will appear one at a time.  The exam period will open on Exam Fridays from 11:00am – 12:00pm PDT (see the course schedule for dates), during which students can take the exam. While exams are written to be taken in 50 mins or less, the assignment itself will be open for 60 mins during the exam window from 11am – 12:00pm PDT to accommodate for varying internet speeds, tech issues, answering questions on computers, etc.: (Exam 50 mins + “Tech Buffer” 10 mins = total 60 mins).  Exams must be taken during the announced exam period.

You will be tested on topics discussed in lecture, lecture notes, and assignments. You may be asked to solve some simple logic or simple math problems. You may be asked to use what you know to predict an outcome. You may be asked to read graphs you have never seen to select a correct answer(s). You will NOT be responsible for terms or topics that are NOT discussed in lectures, lecture notes, and assignments, unless otherwise noted. That means many terms used in the textbook may not be required for you to know on exams.

Exams consist of multiple choice and short answer questions covering critical thinking skills, physiological pathways, and topics covered under each day’s learning goals/questions. Exams will consist of ≤25 multiple choice questions and ~3-5 short answer questions.  Although exams are not cumulative, each one builds on earlier concepts, so it is an excellent test of the skills you have acquired during the quarter. 


How is Biol 118 Summer 2023 Final Grade determined?

Grades will be determined on a straight scale via linear interpolation between 4.0 and 0.7 (95.00% and 65.00% of total course points respectively, actual numbers will be posted in the Course Syllabus).

What does this mean? This course is not competitive between students! By helping your classmates study course material, it will only help you better prepare for assignments and exams. It will help you learn more and it will not impact your grade!  Students can earn a 4.0 if they get a 95% or higher! 


Biol 118 Summer 2023 will introduce AI to the online classroom!

Academic Integrity and Artificial Intelligence (AI):
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become widely accessible to the general public with programs such as ChatGPT making recent headlines. The current state of AI is more of an "Augmented Intelligence," a technological tool which can readily automate tasks for knowledge workers in the same way machines automated tasks for farm workers. These machines were not intelligent, nor did they eliminate farmers, instead they augmented human capabilities and ushered in societal gains on a global scale. With this perspective, Biol 118 Summer 2023 will use AI in the classroom to assist students with organizing course content, generating, and testing endless practice questions from course materials.  As AI continues to advance, so will the students and medical professionals of tomorrow, and educators must not lag behind.
Online exams are written with consideration for AI's response capabilities and limitations. Exams require a human mind to critically interpret and evaluate images, various question styles/formats, and detailed short answer responses, etc. will be explored with this new tech.

Student Question: I'm traveling this summer to <insert event here>.  I'm going to miss class.  What can I do?

We've got you covered! Being online, you can take Biol 118 anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection.  We record the live lecture and you can watch when convenient for you.  In-Class assignments can be completed later, by yourself or with your Study Group.


Student Question: This summer I have a medical procedure, and I will not feel 100% during the recovery period.  I'm afraid that will negatively affect my grade.  Can I still take this class?

YOU are important, and your health comes first.  Let me know what's going on so I can help support you, but if you don't want to share (that's ok too!) Biol 118 automatically drops TWO WEEKS WORTH of your lowest assignment scores per assignment category, no questions asked.


Student Question: What if I have a question while I'm studying, do I just email the Prof?

Biol 118 uses the Canvas Discussion Forum where you can post your questions anonymously while you're studying, and I or other students can help answer questions. Often times, the response time on Discussions can be as short as a few mins!


Got Questions that haven't been addressed?

Email me (Prof. Savolainen):