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About Me

Hello and welcome!

I am a certified elementary and special education teacher. I received my dual Masters in Elementary and Special Education from DePaul University's School of Education.

As a lifelong learner, a devoted advocate for children, and a native Chicagoan, I am eager to share my talent and enthusiasm for teaching with the next generation of students in Chicago Public Schools. Please explore all that I can offer to your school community by browsing through the links located at the top of this page.

Any questions or comments are welcome, so please feel free to contact me using the contact link in the above right-hand corner, or through the contact information located in my resumé.

Thank you for visiting my e-portfolio, and have a wonderful day!

Experiences and Impact


I worked with toddlers for 12 hours of clinical experience at the Saint Vincent DePaul Center. I went for six two-hour sessions. Each time that I observed, the children went to the gross motor room. There is always at least one other class in the gross motor room with us. On my last day of observation for the quarter, I was saying my goodbyes to staff members in the gross motor room. One of the teachers for another class who is usually in the gross motor room when I am there thanked me so kindly, saying, “Thank you so much for coming and helping us out”. I said, “Thank you so much for having me”. She replied, “No need to thank us. You are a beautiful person to have around”.


Having a faculty member thank me and tell me that I am a beautiful person to have around is very important to me. It made me feel accepted by the faculty community of the Saint Vincent DePaul Center. Feeling accepted into a work-place community means so much to me because it means that coming to work can be a truly positive experience. When you are accepted, you can receive support during rough times as well as lend a helping hand to those co-workers in need. Work is so much more productive when those working together are supporting of one another. I feel truly blessed to have been accepted into this community. Her kindness has given me hope of being accepted into future teaching communities. 

Tasks Accomplished Or Skills Gained Through This Experience

I accomplished the task of being a team member. I now know that I am capable of being a valuable member of a teaching community. I gained the skill of cooperation. I was forced to cooperate with the faculty and I feel as though I have succeeded. 

Lessons Learned

I learned that being personable is rewarding. I was very conscience of how I treated the faculty members. I wanted to build a positive relationship with them. I made an effort to smile and converse with them. I opened me heart and mind to the staff members and in return they accepted me. 

Impact Of Work On My Future As A Teacher

 A huge part of teaching is cooperation and coordination with your co-workers. Early Childhood Classrooms tend to have more than just one teacher. I will most-likely be put in a classroom with other teachers. If I can not get along with these teachers my job will be very unpleasant and difficult. When teachers respect one another they can be open to the other teacher’s opinions and can find ways to work effectively together. As a future teacher, I will make a huge effort to create positive relationships with co-workers to enhance our experiences and to improve the experiences of the children in the classroom. 


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