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Telegram is one of the most popular networks on the Internet. Where users can meet each other and use each other's experiences or share their experiences and memories in the form of a photo.

Millions of users have been added to Telegram recently, and in recent statistics, Telegram has been at the top of social networks, and now the important question that everyone is looking for is how to increase our followers or members in Telegram?

There are many articles on this subject on the Internet. Many programs and techniques are used in this field, which is important for companies and individuals who are looking to improve on social networks. In this article, we want to address 20 key points in this regard:

Be an active user:

If you want to increase the membership, you have to post regularly in the telegram, especially during the busy hours when you are seen more. Active users post at least 3 articles a day on this social network.

Put social media buttons on your blog or site:

In strategic situations, you should place social media buttons on your blog, which is best placed at the bottom of the article.

Add a Telegram banner to your website:

Place a "Follow me" banner or something similar on one of the most visited points of your website. Do this especially on your contact page.

Put your Telegram account in your emails:

This will encourage people to follow you. This also has a positive effect on your business and business relationships. Do you want to buy Telegram members for channel and groups safety?

Add your Telegram username to your business card:

This will make your Telegram username appear in more places and as a result your number of members will increase.

Use the hashtag (#):

Most people who post on Telegram use hashtags for their posts. This will allow more people to see your posts.

Tag your friends in photos:

When you tag your friends in photos, you are essentially adding this photo to their profile and putting it in their tagged photos section.

This will allow their friends to see the photo you have posted and this will increase your followers.

Connect with people:

If you want to be famous, you have to connect with people in any social network that you think, and enter into consultation, discussion with them, and through this, promote your accounts.

The best way in Telegram is to participate in the discussion of the comments of the most visited pages.

Update your biography such as profile picture, etc.:

Add the necessary information and biographies to your profile and be sure to include your contact information, website and email in the biography section.

Follow people who have something in common with you:

Follow people who have something in common with you by searching for hashtags related to buy Telegram subscribers and increase followers can find you more easily.

Send high quality photos:

Sharing quality content and messages has a positive effect on increasing the number of followers.

Attend public events

One of the things that always attracts the audience to you is paying attention to public ceremonies and events, which is also very effective in USA. You can have a great relationship with your followers by congratulating them on Eid or publishing an article about public events.

Don't forget the video:

An important feature of Telegram is the 1-minute video, which gives you the opportunity to convey what you want to others in 60 seconds.

Posting a video on your profile helps keep your telegram profile alive, not just still and silent.

Create competition in your network:

The results show that encouraging users to participate in competitions, discussions and even contests will have a very good result.

Doing such things in a social network can lead to a more popular brand and increase members and traffic to the site.

Connect your Facebook profile to Telegram:

There are very easy ways to connect Facebook to Telegram. In this way, you can easily share the same messages and posts between all the people you are in contact with and publish these messages and posts on different social networks and thus expand your communication.

Use the Telegram profile when commenting on blogs:

When posting on a blog, it's a good idea to add your Telegram profile as a link to the content of your comment text.

This will help you connect with the authors of websites or blogs and encourage them to follow you.

Remember and thank the people who helped you:

When people see your messages, or thank you in the comments, or even post your username, you should do the same for them.

By doing so, you have not only made a friendly and popular move, but also made such people support you more and more and start doing it again.

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