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Friendly for twitter apk (Unlocked) is an unofficial version of the popular Twitter Android app that connects you to Twitter servers. This software has a smaller volume compared to the original version of Twitter and provides you with more capabilities such as downloading videos and images shared on Twitter.

Twitter The official social network app Twitter is the oldest popular social network
Twitter is a microblogging service launched by Jack Dorsey in March 2006 and launched in July 2006 and now has more than 200 million users.
Twitter with the slogan "What are you doing?" (? What are you doing) launched on the web, but in November 2009 the slogan was "What is happening?" (? What’s happening) changed. One of the features of Twitter is that it is limited to typing only 140 characters. These two identities were so new that they quickly became popular among Internet users. In addition to posting on Twitter, you can also post videos, photos, and audio.
Twitter literally means chirping.

Features of the Twitter app:

Browse topics of interest
View and follow friends
Post (Tweet)
Reply Post (Retweet)
Exchange messages directly with your followers
Share images and web pages
Moment Search 

Features of Friendly For Twitter:

    Has a very stylish and beautiful user interface
    Ability to download videos, images and animated gifs that are shared on Twitter
    Ability to save battery and very low battery consumption
    Set up notifications and notifications
    Small size and no ads
    Ability to add multiple accounts simultaneously
    Ability to customize the software and change the color of the software - activate the night mode

You can download the new version of Twitter software for free from the download boxes below. It should be noted that this version of Twitter is not official and has been published by developers called Friendly App Studio. The following two versions of Twitter are official. 

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