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If you are now on the smmstone panel and you intend to buy a Telegram member, you are definitely the owner of a Telegram channel or the administrator of several Telegram channels, and one of your most important concerns is the issue of increasing Telegram members. You had a bitter and sweet experience. They added a real member for you once and a fake Telegram member once! So you have come to the conclusion that you should buy a Telegram member from a reliable place. After registering your first order on the My Member site, our experts will contact you and inform you of the latest status of your order.



Cheapest World price for Telegram


Telegram members $0.22 per 1000

Telegram View $0.003 per 1000

Non Drop Members $0.5 per 1000


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The best telegram maker means that it produces all the services and these services include the following items:

1- Be exclusive

2- Be without prejudice

3- Be of the highest quality

4- Have the highest capacity

5- Be the cheapest

6- The speed of doing the work should be the best

7- Start work in the minimum possible time


When I look at all these features, only one thing remains in my mind and that is the


In this panel, you will come across many amazing services. Services with the highest quality, quantity and speed in fulfilling orders.



In the following, you can get to know the simple guide for using the panel. Click on the best Telegram panel

) to use. After logging in and joining, enter the services section. In this section, you can use all kinds of services, including Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.



Best services

Smmstone panel has very valuable and unique services in all social programs and can help all the activists and users of these social networks to achieve all their wishes in a short period of time.





Leave the work to an associate; Buying a Telegram member is one of the best ways to increase Telegram members, smmstone is one of the oldest sites in the field of consulting and selling real and fake Telegram members for Telegram channels and groups, which has 10 years of experience in providing Internet services and so far It has provided services to more than a few thousand businesses and Telegram channels.





Telegram Resller panel

These days, all businesses need Telegram members or increase Telegram members, why? Because one of the most important factors in increasing credibility on the Internet and social networks is having Telegram pages and channels with many members, in fact, by having an active Telegram member, you can benefit from the benefits of increasing sales and improving the status of your Telegram channel. Very practical ways and services to increase Telegram members have made this issue very simple for businesses.


Some of the services provided by smmstone can be mentioned as Fake Telegram Member, Real Member, and Visiting Telegram, all of these services are provided both for the Telegram channel and for the Telegram group. Telegram has a vote that you can easily win in Telegram polls through this service.



Smm Panel For Telegram

The increase of Telegram members can be different according to the type of business , but the main reason for this is the increase in sales for businesses and the increase in income for content-based channels such as news channels, entertainment channels, etc. Let me simplify this issue for you with an example, think that you have a clothing telegram channel, the current members of your channel are 200 people, if a customer enters your channel and even likes the type of clothing you offer but does not buy, In your opinion, what could be one of the reasons why this customer did not buy from you?


According to the research we have done on different channels, one of the main reasons for this issue is not having enough members and enough visits to the channel! Isn't it interesting? When the number of channel members increases and the number of visits increases accordingly, more users trust that channel, and this issue has more psychological burden, and the customer unconsciously remembers that this channel has a high number of members and customers Many follow this brand, so it is reliable.





In the following, it is necessary to explain that by buying a Telegram member, you are actually investing in your business, maybe even by buying 1000 free members, this is not a big cost compared to many other business costs, and in fact, you should not spend And he saw the work only in terms of cost and should look at them as an investment, and in addition, he should not be fooled by advertisements that are known as free Telegram members and also buy free Telegram  members, because currently in the Internet world, many businesses There are those that operate and you should use those that have minimum support and fixed phone numbers.


In what ways can channel members be increased?

In general, there are certain ways to increase channel members, and in general, channel members are divided into two categories: fake members and real members, each of which is a different type of Telegram member ad and is divided into different categories as below. We will explain these things to you completely.


Normal member fake is of high quality but has shedding and its shedding rate is around 10 to 20%, but member fake without shedding as its name suggests is without shedding and has very high quality. Of course, the term "no drop" may cause confusion, "no drop" means a drop that is not done by the members themselves, but Telegram is very against the issue of fake members and is constantly updating its algorithms to identify these types of members, and it is possible. In time intervals, it can identify and delete even members with names without dropping.



Compulsory member is a kind of members who enter your channel by compulsion, these members are people who have installed unofficial telegrams such as Mobgram or My Telegram, etc. and see advertisements in exchange for additional services they get in these telegrams These advertisements are mandatory additions in different Telegram channels.





Each of these methods has its own advantages and benefits in blogLinks to an external site. ,which you can see on the page related to mandatory membership .


Member pop-up is a type of advertisement that opens a page on the user's phone and sees the advertisement of your channel and becomes a member of your channel if he clicks on it. Unfortunately, this method has been blocked by Telegram for a long time, and in addition to being blocked by Telegram itself, Telegram's filtering also had a very negative effect on the quality of this type of member. Currently, there are sites that offer this type of membership, but due to the fact that this service is limited by Telegram and Telegram is filtered in Iran, we decided to stop selling it, because it is not much different from the real member of Rosh Ed. It is not mandatory.


This method is very expensive and maybe it will be more valuable if you advertise in quality Telegram channels, why? Because the user joins the channel only for the channel to be removed from the top list and may not be interested in the topic of the channel at all.


Among the other services of the Zar Member collection, there is a bot for increasing Telegram visits and a bot for adding Telegram members. The address of the bot of the Zar Member collection is called "Zar Plus", which we previously discussed about the Zar Plus robot in an article from the Zar Member blog , which we suggest you read. here you are. In short, the technical team of Zar member group is proud to present a very functional bot that has many abilities, including member and view, which are known as Telegram fake member bot and Telegram member increase bot . .


Will our channel be blocked by Telegram by purchasing a Telegram member?

If you don't have the patience to read the rest of the text, I have to say "no", so far there has not been a single case of blocking the Telegram channel due to the purchase of a Telegram member, because there is no reason to do this at all, and if this happened, anyone could. Fake member or real member for your competitors and block his channel.


Currently, Telegram only blocks channels due to copyright and unethical content, which we discussed in an article on how to increase Telegram members in the blog section. You can read the article by referring to the member blog section.


Will members drop by buying Telegram members?

It depends on whether you buy a fake member or a real member, any type of real member will have drop because the users are real and if they don't like the content of the channel they will definitely leave, but fake member as we explained in the above section, two models with drop And they have no loss, if you buy a member without loss, there will be no loss from the members, but if Telegram detects it, it may delete them.

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