Greyhound Green

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Greyhound Green

Greyhound Green restaurant, an unbeatable restaurant with a perfect combination of the two best cultures (Indo – Chine) under the same roof. Greyhound Green restaurant brings together two high quality and tasty spices of Chinese and Indian cuisines. With a brief look at the menu of Greyhound Green restaurant, you will notice the great variety of foods, their superior quality, along with incredible prices; Foods that cannot be easily overlooked and have made the choice difficult for any customer, tourist or local people.

The more you look at Greyhound Green's colorful menu, the harder it will be for you to choose food; The customers of this restaurant have always had a problem in choosing their favorite dishes, but this problem has been solved by the experienced staff and skilled chefs of Greyhound Green restaurant. Chefs' job is not just to cook food, but identifying the needs and temperaments of consumers is the art of these skilled chefs. Everyone has a taste and any food may not be appropriate for them and at the same time they may not be aware of it; The chefs will provide you with the best and most suitable dishes of your choice. Tourists who do not know about Indian cuisine also benefit from the advice of our staff. The wide variety of food in this restaurant does not disappoint anyone.


Greyhound Green restaurant

 Greyhound Green restaurant is located in the heart of one of the most traveler cities in the world (London) and has been able to pay a lot of attention to the health of food, attention to consumer needs and most importantly, attention to health issues; that cause many customers to attract. At the address that will be provided to you later, you can be informed about the FHR (food health ranking) by FAS (Food standard agency). And this rating is the obvious document and reason for this restaurant to be unrivaled. A brief look at the restaurant's customers and a look at its rankings through various agencies on Google, is another reason why the restaurant is unrivaled, just browse the name of Greyhound Green restaurant in Google.

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 As we have said, the comprehensive menu of this restaurant, which includes almost most of the tastes, causes confusion and procrastination in choosing and ordering their suitable dishes. but as we mentioned before, in addition to receiving direct advice from the restaurant staff and chefs via the following phone number, you can get help from the restaurant customers on Google as well as through acefood. The relentless pursuit of restaurant owners to keep their customers satisfied, is evident in these two options:

  1. Greyhound Green, offers Dine-in services during the ongoing Corona epidemic, when many restaurants are half closed due to poor health and food safety. The restaurant staff need to use mask; their body temperature is checked every day and the space between them with visitors, and customers with other customers is constantly disinfected.
  2. Curbside pickup and delivery services are also fully active alongside Dine-in service. Note: to deliver food at your home, pay attention to the free delivery rate, orders over 25 pounds are free and your order will be delivered to your door in the shortest possible time.

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Greyhound Green Menu

Speaking of the Greyhound Green restaurant menu is talking about a rich culture that comes from the heart of India's ancient, and it is not easy to explain this vast array of varied dishes in a simple and short article; However, we try to give a brief explanation, first about the starters, then the main dishes and their accompaniments, and finally the desserts:

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Greyhound Green Starters

Special Street Food, consist of 18 items; the most popular ones are: Potato Sphere Chat, Spiced Potato Lollipop, Aloo Papri Chat, Khasta Karari and Jackfruit Chat.

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Greyhound Green main course

includes: Indo-Chinese dishes, seafood, vegetarian Main, tandoor selections and Tawa Ke Buns.

Greyhound Green Accompaniments

include five items: Basket of mixed poppadoms, Bombay Aloo, Dal Tadka, Gobhi Bhaji and Mushroom Bhaji.



Greyhound Green Dessert

If you are a fun of dessert, look precisely to these items: selection of ice cream, selection of kulfi, gajar ka halwa, brownie malai duet.

Greyhound Green Address

Here is the address of this great restaurant: Radford Road Crawley West Sussex RH10 3NS

A few points about the address of Greyhound Green restaurant:

Greyhound Green restaurant is located in Crawley West Sussex, England; the distance between Crawley and London is approximately 25 miles and is one of the top six places to live; considering factors such as house prices, green spaces, crime rates and so on.

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But the special position of this restaurant is not because it is located in Crawley, or because of the five-minute distance from Gatwick Airport. instead, this restaurant has given new credit to Crawley.  The Restaurant holds a big annual ceremony every year and many guests from all over India come to this restaurant. Hosting great teams and national champions of India is one of the honors of this restaurant.

 Therefore, this credit is due to its huge fans. Stylish and lovely environment with a refurbished contemporary style, quality food, and kind and friendly staff of the restaurant, cause this reputation and also increased the popularity of the restaurant.

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Greyhound Green Phone number

Browse the name of the restaurant in google and you will see the phone number, or through acefood, you can reach the number; any way, if you happen to read this article, use the number below to contact the restaurant: +44 1293 884220

Surely you know that the main feature of Indian food is that it is spicy and probably not suitable for anyone. Spice ingredients are found in almost all Indian dishes, especially Indian and Chinese dishes and traditional Indian dishes. So if you are allergic to spicy foods, let us directly know about this.

Greyhound Green Working hours

It’s impossible to see Greyhound Green close; the restaurant willingly wants you to pre-order your food on weekends, holydays and ceremonies; because these days are the busiest of all time. The opening hours of the restaurant is 17:00 to 21:00

Greyhound Greens’ recommendations

The Food Safety Agency (FSA) works to ensure the hygiene of public places, especially restaurants; Healthy raw materials, food quality, cleanliness of the restaurant environment and staff, are among the essentials that must be observed by restaurants; and the food hygiene rating (FHR) of these places is based on a survey and inspection by the inspectors of these places. The great efforts of the owners of Crawley restaurant have led to obtaining a score of 5, which is the highest score of this organization, which was last inspected on 17/02/2020. To confirm the above, you can contact the Food Safety Agency in London and make sure the information is correct.

The owners of the restaurant ask you, if it’s possible:

  1. order your food from home and use the restaurant delivery service with its special facilities and enjoy eating food alongside your loved ones.
  2. Avoid unnecessary gatherings in the restaurant. If you visit the restaurant, be sure to wear a mask and assist with the restaurant staff to disinfect and observe health issues.
  3. And as always, send us your criticisms and suggestions about food, staff behavior, food delivery service, etc. The secret of our success is: paying special attention to your needs.


 In this article, we read about one of the well-known Indian restaurants that has attracted part of Chinese tradition cuisine. We also listed the traditional dishes and the address, communication channels, as well as the recommendations of the restaurant owners about observing hygiene and how to choose the right food. We hope you will visit Greyhound Green Restaurant by coming to the London from anywhere in the world and make some memorable moments for yourself.

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