What should we pay attention to when buying colored glass?

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Stained glass is one of the most popular glass in traditional and modern environments today. These glasses are available in different models in the market today. These models include decorative glass, frosted, laminate, lacquer, etc. Stained glass absorbs a certain frequency of light. The chemical structure of these dyes creates color. Colored stained glass makes great strides in the construction industry. Today, Lacobel colored glass is one of the best glasses in this field. These glasses are marketed in different models and prices. These glasses are used in bathrooms, kitchens and on the table. Iran Lacobel is one of the best companies in this field.

What kind of glass is Lacobel colored glass?

One of the types of colored glass is called Lacobel. This glass is quite smooth in different markets. One side of the glass is covered with paint. Typically, these glasses are made very shiny and shiny. This type of glass uses more than twenty-five different colors. These glasses are sold in two types of matte colored back and glossy colored back.

Glossy colored back glass transmits light. The thickness of this glass is between four to twenty millimeters. Lacobel glasses are produced in two levels of safe and secure plus. These glasses act as antibacterials. Of course, the safety of these glasses is much higher than other glasses. The same safety makes buying this glass compared to other glasses.

What are the benefits of Lacobel stained glass?

The positive advantages of this colored glass motivate many people to buy this glass. These glasses are usually made of very durable materials. Using these glasses, walls, sliding doors, furniture, etc. maintain their appearance for many years. Lacobel glasses are safe against various shocks. These glasses do not break at all. One of these advantages is that they are modern. Normally, all colors of Lacobel glass are environmentally friendly.

The formaldehyde in these glasses maintains air quality. Lacobel glass is very resistant to various external factors. They show high durability against high heat as well as ultraviolet rays. They are also widely used in places with high humidity, such as rainy areas in the north of the country.

 Different applications of Lacobel colored glass

Lacobel glasses have different uses. These applications are more common than most stained glass. They are used for luxurious and very beautiful designs. In fact, the interior decoration of your home has a special effect. Lacobel glass is used in the interior mirror work of traditional buildings. Many architects also use these glasses a lot. In the exterior of different buildings, they have many uses.

 Lacobel glass is also used as a skylight. This type of glass usually emits a lot of light. They are also used in low light environments. Due to their unbreakability, they are used in various kindergartens. They also have a wide range of applications in kitchens and between cabinets. They are also used in various places such as dentistry.

 How is the price and installation of Lacobel colored glass done?

The price of a Lacobel colored glass is determined based on various factors. One of the most important factors is their size. As the size of these glasses increases, so does their price. Of course, the manufacturer of these glasses also offers different prices to customers. Another factor affecting the price of these glasses is their quality. You should use high transparency glass.

 To install these glasses on the wall, you must follow some tips. The infrastructure of the work must be done without any elevation. Silicone adhesives are used for this purpose. They use a laser level for smoothness. Usually the material of these glasses is plaster, knauf, wood, MDF, ceramics and tiles.


Stained glass is one of the most popular glasses today. Lacobel glass is one of these types of glass. These glasses have many positive advantages. They are made using durable materials. Lacquer glass is used on walls, sliding doors, furniture, etc. These glasses show very high resistance to heat and ultraviolet rays.


They are widely used in places with high humidity, such as the northern regions of the country. Because they are very durable against different humidity. Today, different companies make this type of glass. Iran Lacobel is one of the best companies in this field. The company uses advanced equipment and technology to make these glasses. For more information on models and prices, visit iranlacobel.com.

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