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For diplomats and expatriates who wants to relocate to Tehran, Iran there is one big concern. Finding a proper villa for rent in Tehran is a big concern for diplomats and expatriates. Tehran Offers Real Estate help you to find your desired apartment easily.

If you are looking for rent villa in Tehran, you have come to the right place. In this section we offer you, numerous villas for rent in Tehran in different parts of the city.

In Tehran we have mainly 3 types of clients who wants to rent Villas.

Villa for rent as Place of Chancery

The embassies in Tehran usually rent Villas or independent buildings as their chanceries. The reason embassies might prefer villas to buildings are:

  • The land of a villa can be a very appropriate place to host embassies social events and parties. On the contrary independent building as a place of chancery, often do not meet this requirement.
  • In terms of interior of a villa, you have different room and hall sizes. Therefore, an embassy can adjust its need with a good villa.
  • Most of the villas that are suitable for a chancery, have 2 separate door. One for the diplomats and one for the visa section.

For having numerous options to rent villa in Tehran, we try to regularly update this section with new files.


Villa for rent as residency of Ambassador

Ambassadors in Iran Usually choose villas or penthouses as their residency. Since ambassadors have special guests or envoys to their residence, a villa would be a great match for them. In villas in Tehran, you have 1 or 2 very big master bedrooms which is very pleasant for the ambassador’s comfort. On the other hand, the layout of the villa are usually duplex or triplex. Therefore in the ground floor, you have big living court area.

These villas for rent in Tehran are sometimes furnished or unfurnished. Some Ambassadors have their own complete set of furniture so they prefer to rent unfurnished villas. On the other hand some ambassadors prefer to rent villa fully furnished. Theses villas in Tehran have complete kitchen appliances and also furniture.

Villa for rent as a home office for a company

In Tehran, some companies choose villas as their home office. It’s very popular specially amongst Chinese companies. With the privacy that a villa brings to them, they can both work and live inside a villa. In this section, the companies can have a big living court area for their conference room. The outside yard would be suitable either for 2 purposes. As entertainments for employees of the company or as social event location.  But companies that need to use the most office space, villas cant be a good choice for them. So to summarize, a part of Tehran Villas can be suitable for renting as a home office for a company.

Terms of leasing a villa

When you are renting villa in In Tehran, Since it is independent, you are responsible for all payments. That means you need to pay electricity, gas, water and internet. The owner on the other hand is responsible to pay municipal charges and other taxes.

to summaries other terms of lease we can mention:

  • Terms of rental payment: 6 month or 12 month in advance
  • Length of contract, usually between 1 to 3 years
  • Currency of payment: US dollar or Euros
  • Contract format: Signing a bilanguage lease contract
  • Taxes: rental revenue taxes are upon owner
  • Common charges: All the utility charges(electricity, water, gas and telephone are upon Lessee)
  • Repair: Major repair (heating system, cooling system, cabling .. ) area upon lessor. Minor repairs upon lessee.

Top areas for villas in Tehran

Shahrak e Gharb

When you want to rent villa in Tehran, you need to focus on some areas in Tehran. Perhaps the most famous area in Tehran in this regard is Shahrak e Gharb. The area of Shahrak e gharb. This government has planned this district like planned town with American design. All the streets, sub streets and alleys in this area are wide. The width of streets in Shahrak e e Gharb is wider in comparison to other uptown areas in Tehran. By the way, the number of empty parking spaces in this area is more than an area like Elahiyeh, You do not feel like congestion at all. You do not see heavy traffic for long time in Shahrak e Gharb. There is 1 main subway station in this area and plenty of bus station.

During recent years many embassies have moved their embassies to this district. Therefore, its safe to say that the area of Shahrak e Gharb has become very diplomatic.


In this area there are also many villa of course not as many as Shahrak e Gharb. There are many residents of Ambassadors in this area. The neighborhood is quite lively and diplomatic as well.


This area also contains some villas for rent in Tehran. There area already some embassies and residents of ambassadors in this location. There are some villas with big land area in this location. Some have land areas over 3000 Sq. meters! Surely, the most famous spot in this area is Palladium shopping center. In this regard, either for a chancery or residence of an ambassador, palladium would be the best pub for entertainment and shopping.


In this area there are villas with big land sizes. Some have land areas above 5000 Sq. meters. The area of Elahiyeh is very diplomatic and expatriate friendly. The proximity to famous shopping centers and restaurants and cafes is a big advantage in this area. For expatriates who want to rent villas in Tehran, the proximity to high class restaurants and shopping center is a factor.


In this area the number of newer of villas are more in comparison to other areas. Additionally, the urban design of the streets in Velenjak is also very efficient. You can see some similarities to Shahrak e Gharb regarding street sizes. In terms of shopping center and restaurants, you have Galleria shopping center in this area.

Finally, its worth to mention that there are a few brand new villas in Tehran. The reason for it is, its not cost benefit for constructors to build a villa and rent it. Instead its more profitable to build a building with higher number of floors and then try to rent it. Moreover, some owners of old villa have completely renovated their properties.

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