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Steel sheet manufacturers in accordance with their instructions and standards to produce steel sheets with different chemical compounds and try to improve capabilities such as resistance, corrosion, wear, temperature tolerance and…. have.

The history of steel sheet dates back to the time when, in 1821, a French engineer named Pierre first observed that by increasing a certain amount of chromium to iron, its hardness and rust and acid resistance increased dramatically.

Steel sheet is  one of the most widely used raw materials in various industries. These industries include cement, paper, chemicals and others.

Today, there are several companies in the field of steel sheet production, each of which is competing with each other to achieve a higher level of quality. Steel sheet manufacturers in   accordance with their instructions and standards to produce steel sheets with different chemical compounds and try to improve capabilities such as resistance, corrosion, wear, temperature tolerance and…. have.

 There are different elements in the structure of  steel sheet or stainless steel. These elements include carbon, chromium, nickel and iron. Each of these elements creates different properties in the steel sheet. The carbon in steel sheet makes it different from iron. The amount of carbon in the steel sheet varies from 0.30% to 1.75%.

Chromium increases the  corrosion resistance of  steel sheet as well as its anti-corrosion properties. Other features of  steel sheet  include recyclability, long life and heat resistance.

In the following, we want to interpret the application of steel sheet, its types and the price of each.

Application of  steel sheet

The application of  steel sheet has  a wide range, from very large industries to small productions. In each of these industries,  steel sheets  with different grades are used.

Production of medical, hospital and pharmaceutical equipment

chemical industry

Laundry industry

Water and wastewater industries

Oil and gas industry

Refrigeration industries

Paper industry

Steam turbines and tanks

Construction of chemical tankers

Construction of car, truck and aircraft fuselages

Manufacture of electrical appliances such as transformers

Manufacture of home appliances

Sugar production industries

Pharmaceutical industry


steel sheet Application of steel sheet in boiler

One of the most widely used uses of  steel sheet is  in boilers. In some industries, especially the food industry, one of the necessary items for food production is clean water vapor and 100% pure.

As a result, the boiler or boiler must be made of anti-paint and stainless steel equipment to provide a sterile environment free of any contamination.

Due to stainless and non-magnetic alloys in the manufacture of  steel sheets is the  best option for use in the production of boilers.

Among the available alloys, the most suitable alloy that can withstand very high temperatures is 300 and 400 grade alloy.

steel sheet Application of  steel sheet  in home appliances

Probably the most available goods used in the production of  steel sheets  are kitchen utensils. This material not only gives a special beauty to kitchen utensils, but also does not break or bend easily and remains shiny after years of use. In addition, the inactivity of stainless steel causes no corrosion and rust and the absence of harmful chemicals, which is one of the reasons for the popularity of this material by the manufacturing industry.

Among the kitchen goods that   use steel sheets , we can mention knives, spoons, forks, cooking utensils and serving utensils, mechanical kitchen utensils and so on.

All the above mentioned features have made the use of steel sheet in the production of hand tools and everyday accessories very popular.

Application of steel sheet in oil and gas industry

In the oil and gas industry, various metals are used, the most widely used of which is steel sheet. Steel sheet is used in this field for items such as flow generation, structural components, heat exchangers and processing equipment.

steel sheet What is a steel sheet and what is not?

When buying steel sheet, you may have heard these two terms.

Chromium and nickel alloys make the steel sheet non-stick.

Steel sheet price

Various parameters are involved in determining the price of steel sheets. Among these parameters are the type of steel sheet grade, the type of alloy, the dollar rate and.. You can visit for more information about the price of steel sheets or get the necessary information by contacting the experts in this collection.

Types of steel sheets

 200 series steel sheet

Cream, nickel and manganese alloys are the main constituents of this type of steel sheet.

 300 series steel sheet

This type of  steel sheet  is very flexible and can be formed a lot. It is the most common and widely used steel sheet in the whole world.

This series of steel sheets can be used in the refrigeration industry due to its low magnetic permeability and low hardness.

 400 series steel sheet

In   400 series steel sheet, the amount of iron carbon is low and chromium and molybdenum are considered as the main elements of this series.

500 series steel sheet

Due to its high content of chromium, it has a high resistance to heat.

 600 series steel sheet

These series are different depending on the type of alloy used in them and depending on the type of alloy, their degree of resistance and application is also different.

last word

As mentioned,  steel sheet is  used as one of the raw materials of various industries. One of the companies operating in this field is Metal Commodity Company. The company has a quarter of a century of experience in importing various types of steel sheets.

Among the policies of Metal Kala Company are observance of ethical principles, skilled and expert team, timely delivery of goods, ensuring the health of cargo and high responsibility.

Despite the difficult conditions of sanctions, Metal Kala Company has been able to play an effective role in meeting the needs of manufacturing factories and domestic industries with a smart and innovative approach, considering customer needs and identifying market capacity, and on the other hand, concluding contracts with reputable international manufacturers to supply goods. It has a variety of steel sheets.

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