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Istanbul has no shortage of cheap and fun activities for tourists, with incredible cuisine, a fusion of cultures and the charm of old and new architecture. We have compiled a list of some of our necessities, including free ones in Istanbul, from the essentials that are the subject of all the guidebooks, to the lesser secrets of the city, and to the loved ones who are interested and interested in shopping trips. Istanbul tour reservations are cheap and they think they have raised the price of entertainment in this city for them and you have invited them to your attention.

The people of each city claim that their city is unique, but Istanbul is truly unique. After all, there is no other city in the world that includes two continents. Istanbul is spread over seven hills and is divided by the Bosphorus into two large parts: Europe on one side and Asia on the other.

Diverse restaurants, tea shops and traditional spice markets and the cheapest shopping malls in Istanbul, etc. are just a few of the attractions of this city. Istanbul is home to Turkish fishermen or millionaires, full of old mosques and charming palaces. Although there are about 20 million people living in the city, it does not seem to be very crowded and there are many green spaces throughout that have contributed to this. In Istanbul, both modern towers and old dilapidated houses can be seen, the combination of which makes this land attractive.

Because Istanbul is the crossroads of Asia and Europe, the influences of the people of both continents can be found here. The influences of Christianity and Islam merge with the grandeur of ancient Roman civilization and then blend in with a bit of Middle Eastern flavor to create an attractive Istanbul.

Have a free walking tour of Istanbul

One of the first things we do in a new city is have a free walking tour. It would be much more memorable if you could take a local leader with you on your walks to take you to specific areas. During the walk you will get acquainted with the history of this city, its development and important places (including some places that are world famous). The free walking tour of Istanbul is a great introduction to the metropolis and its place in history.

Picnic in the golhane park

This may not be in your handbooks, but our picnic in Golhan Park was one of our favorite afternoons in Istanbul. Get some fruit, drinks and cheese from a local market, then buy a Turkish towel (great souvenir warning!) And go to the park and use it as a mat. I think it is interesting to see the Turkish people resting and relaxing, and it shows you another kind of city.

Explore different neighborhoods of Istanbul

Istanbul is a vast city, and sometimes the cultural differences of people in different parts of the city seem very different; But think of it as a collection of many small towns. Every neighborhood in this metropolis has a different feeling and attracts people for different reasons. Spend an afternoon in the narrow cobbled streets of Beyoglu and compare it with Taksim, you will surely notice the differences. We recommend this to buyers of any cheap tour of Turkey, because it does not matter if you are in Antalya or Kusadasi, Istanbul, etc. Discovering the neighborhoods of different cities in Turkey is very attractive.

Walk on Esteghlal Street

Esteghlal Street is both a center for locals and foreign tourists in Istanbul in the heart of the city. Did you think that nearly 3 million people visit this street every day? Approximately one mile of sidewalk is the location of restaurants, boutiques and .... Most Iranians go to Esteghlal to shop, but we recommend that you visit Esteghlal once without the purpose of shopping. Pay attention to the buildings, the behavior of the people, the style of restaurants, trams, etc., and just have fun without You need to pay a fee.

Set the sunset on the Galata Bridge

Istanbul has very interesting sunsets with orange skies and seagulls that shake all around, it makes a great feeling for everyone that we suggest you try it for at least one day. Our favorite place to watch the sunset was on the Galata Bridge, where we could watch the fishermen make their daily arrangements and see the spectacular views of at least three mosques. Look at the sunset time and go a little ahead of time to the Galata Bridge (or anywhere you want to see the orange and purple sky). Find a comfortable place to relax and prepare for the exciting and enjoy this fun without paying even 1 thousand tomans.

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