KIFPOOL.ME is the most successful digital currency exchange in Iran

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Today, KIFPOOL.ME has a very effective role in the growth and promotion of the quality of buying and selling digital currency in the Iranian market. Also, this wallet has various capabilities to reduce and increase the security level of your account so that you can makes it possible for you to place your wallet at a level where any kind of transfer transaction is possible by directing phone call or SMS confirmation by you. But this is not the only feature of digital currency wallets.

One of the most important features that many Iranian users have trouble with it, converting a currency to Tomans at the moment. People who are interested in digital currencies look at these currencies as an investment and a way to earn money. They want to sell an instant when a currency makes a profit of a few hundred percent and withdraw their profit from this market.

Not all wallets in the world have this feature and you cannot sell a digital currency and this possibility is completely eliminated in KIFPOOL.ME and all users can whenever they feel their currencies in dollars or Convert Tomans.

The most important features of KIFPOOL.ME

This feature is one of the best services that can be provided to Iranian users, this means that after creating your account in KIFPOOL.ME, you can create a subset with your favorite name and have different balances in each wallet, For example, the family father creates his own account and decides to create 3 different accounts for his 3 children with the name of each of them that have their own address forever and keep a certain amount in each account. This feature allows you to convert the currency of one of the accounts into money without increasing or decreasing the currency code of the other members' accounts.

This feature allows you not have a crowded environment and have any currency you need and simply check the balance of accounts in Tomans and dollars.

Building an account in KIFPOOL.ME

Creating an account in my first official wallet system is free of charge and you will be able to create an account in the shortest possible time.

Keep digital currencies in KIFPOOL.ME

Keeping digital currencies in this service, which is provided online to users, is completely free.

KIFPOOL.ME offers a 100% guarantee on keeping your currencies for short and long term, so invest easily.

The balance of users in this wallet is out of reach of foreign countries and no country will have the right to restrict you.

The structure of this wallet in such a way that users' funds are kept hot and cold, and you are able to keep your digital currencies for a long time.

User access to their personal currency wallets on a regular basis and you can transfer and receive your digital currencies at any time and on any date, and this process has no effect on weekdays and time periods.

Currency exchange

Another great feature of this wallet is the possibility of converting one type of currency to another type of currency, for example, you can convert your bitcoin to Ethereum or Tether, or you can decide the Tether in your account to Dogecoin or Cardano and Conversely.

After completing and fully authenticating your account, you can even increase your Rial and dollar balance and buy any digital currency.

Given that we all have a view for buying digital currencies is only profitable, there is no doubt that keeping digital currencies is not just a complete business. But in this wallet, when a currency becomes profitable, you can convert it into Tomans in the shortest possible moment (about 20 seconds) and transfer the Tomans in the account to the card number provided in the user panel, this bag Money is not just a wallet, but an official office in the best possible place for you.

Advantages of KIFPOOL.ME

  • Free maintenance of digital currencies forever
  • Instant and fast sending of digital currency for special users with specialized robots
  • High security in sales and also high quality in service
  • Buying and selling 24 hours a day
  • Using Simple and easy along with training
  • Fair prices compared with other sites
  • Ability to buy digital currency quickly without authentication (limited per day)
  • Receiving gifts daily for all users
  • Receiving discount codes for purchases
  • Selling all kinds of digital currencies to users indefinitely up to 1.5 billion Tomans per user per day.
  • Buying a variety of digital currencies from users indefinitely
  • Current price of digital currencies
  • Responding and supporting online
  • Ability to exchange digital currencies with each other
  • Using hardware wallets to store users' currencies
  • Ability to charge your wallet and buy instantly at any time of the day and night without any hassle (to buy currencies at the best price)
  • You can see the latest transaction information along with the transfer receipt in full in the activity history section.
  • After deducting the commission at the time of each transaction, the payment amount will be credited to the person's account no later than one day after the transaction and until 5:00 PM, and the account will be settled. It should be noted that settlement is not done on public holidays.
  • the maximum delay in deposit is 48 hours

KIFPOOL.ME service to digital currency owners

My Digital Currency Wallet invites users to the fastest and most secure way to store digital currencies by simultaneously connecting to a powerful and highly professional system. But let's get to know KIFPOOL.ME's most important services:

  • Transfer services
  • ME will speed up the movement of digital currencies by managing the sending and receiving process intelligently and quickly.
  • A fast transfer with 100% security for all users
  • ME is not just a simple wallet
  • ME is a very precise and programmed system that enables you to convert any digital currency to another with the lowest possible tariff, without the need to transfer currency to a digital currency exchange.
  • Low tariff: the tariff for keeping digital currencies as well as transferring and receiving currencies is considered to be zero percent, but the tariff for converting currency into currency, buying and selling is only about 0.25%, which is the lowest possible fee among all personal and currency exchange systems.
  • Transferring and receipting easily: According to the latest rules of KIFPOOL.ME, all the features of a digital currency wallet will be available to you so that you can easily transfer and receive digital currencies without any knowledge.
  • Comprehensive use for all: The digital currency wallet can be used by all individuals and legal entities without any specific age group, and you are able to use all our facilities easily.

How to register in KIFPOOL.ME

For registering, go to the membership page, enter your first and last name, then enter your desired email, and then confirm your account by referring to the email and confirming the sent link. You also need a strong password when you are creating an account (we suggest combining numbers and letters)

For registering in KIFPOOL.ME, if you only want to keep your digital currency, there is no need to provide documents, and with just a simple membership, you can keep your digital currency completely safe and secure.

It is possible to keep digital currency without authentication, but by performing authentication, you can increase your Rial balance and buy digital currency directly. You can also sell your digital currency to us at any time and pay in dollar balance or add RIALs.

Currency transfer in the wallet

 KIFPOOL.ME is the first direct and official digital currency storage service where you can store and transfer your digital currency for free.

With a single card, you can top up your account up to one hundred million tomans.

The maximum specified amount for sending to the portal is 49,900,000 tomans, which you can deposit twice.

All communication channels are listed at the bottom of the site and in the contact us section, and you can also communicate with the various departments of KIFPOOL.ME through your user panel by sending a ticket.

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