The importance of bed bug spraying

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Bedbugs are a group of insects that have many families and species. A species of these insects is known in Persian as Sen. Bedbugs are pests of crops and orchards, and their famous species, wheat age, is one of the most important pests of wheat and barley in Iran. It should also be noted that many of these insects are also insectivorous and kill earthworms and insects useful for farms.
Bedbugs These pests are carriers of many diseases for humans. That's why bed bug spraying is so important. In this article, we want to introduce you to one of the best bed Bug spraying companies in Tehran and examine the factors affecting the price of bedbug spraying in detail. Thank you for following us to the end of the article.

The importance of bed bug spraying

Insect and pathogen The bedbug is a blood-eating and biting parasite that often feeds on warm-blooded animals, such as humans and other mammals, at night. Of course, it should also be noted that if their number increases to a certain extent, you should see them attack not only at night but also during the day. Bedbugs have a flat, flat body, which allows them to easily free themselves from seams and splits of fibers such as clothes, bedroom furniture such as blankets, pillows, mattresses, bedding, etc. Hide furniture, curtains and rugs, and at night when you are fast asleep; Identify the carbon dioxide and heat that is excreted from your body as a warm-blooded organism and use it as a food source.

Do bedbugs transmit the disease؟

If you have not yet realized the importance of bed bug spraying, be sure to follow this article. According to the latest research on diseases transmitted from bedbugs to humans, the following diseases were at the forefront.

  • Leprosy
  • Tab Q
  • Skin wounds
  • Brucellosis

Even if bedbugs do not cause you skin problems and physical ailments, they can cause many psychological problems for humans, including anxiety at night. Anxiety about worrying about bedbug bites and bites at night causes sleep deprivation and stress in humans. Also, the place where the instrument was bitten is not visible for almost a day, while people do not show any reaction, but after about 24 hours, people see the place of the bite and the pimples, which is very large at first, and Gradually their size decreases to a small red mark. So this is where you need to start spraying bed bugs.

Stages of bedbug spraying

Each bed bug spraying company uses a unique method for bed bug spraying, which we intend to introduce you to the method of Kian Pak Tehran company.

Home inspection and finding the exact location of bedbugs

If these pests have settled in your house and you intend to eradicate and spray, the specialists of Kian Pak Tehran Company will be at your service as soon as possible. They implement methods to find the exact location of these pests. Our professionals are trained to look closely at the evidence, and on the first visit to the site, especially by visiting boards, furniture, carpets, curtains, and clothing, they find areas that are infested with bed bugs.

Choose the right poison to kill insects

Poisons do not have the same quality. Some poisons are only used to spray bedbugs. If some other poisons can be used simultaneously to destroy bedbugs, termites, etc. Leave the choice of poison to the bed bug spraying company. They will offer you the best according to the expertise and training they have received. It should be noted that the type of poison used has a direct impact on the price of bed bug spraying. Our specialists will tell you the exact price before using the poison.

Execution of bed bug operations

Now it is time for the bed bug spraying company to start operating and eradicate pests from your home or workplace. After the inspection and evaluation of the contamination status by the bedbug spraying company, using the toxins that we talked about in the previous paragraph, it eradicates bedbugs and uses this method to kill the eggs and larvae. By destroying the eggs and larvae of bedbugs, it causes them to no longer mature and no longer need to be sprayed again.

Factors affecting the price of bed bug spraying

We usually use insecticide sprays and various poisonous drugs to kill annoying creatures such as beetles, flies and other insects, but sometimes these insecticides do not meet our needs because we can not pinpoint the exact location of bedbugs. Check and choose the right poison to destroy them. As a result, it is better to get help from Sass spraying company in such situations. You may be worried about the price of bedbug spraying and feel that the price of bedbug spraying is high, but if your health is important to you; You should know that paying different tariffs for spraying is much cheaper than paying for drugs or treatments that bedbugs transmit to your body. Many factors directly and indirectly affect the price of bed bug spraying, and we will introduce you to some of them below.


  1. House size: One of the most important factors that can affect the price of bed bug spraying is the size of your home or workplace. Obviously, the larger the area of ​​your home or workplace, the more we need to destroy bedbugs.
  2. The type of toxin to be used for spraying, as mentioned in the previous paragraphs, directly affects the cost of spraying bed bugs.
  3. Bedbug spraying costs less for uninhabited spaces. If you are planning to move furniture and move to a new home, it is best to do the bed bug spraying thoroughly before moving there. This is because if the house is empty before spraying, the cost of spraying bed bugs will be saved financially and in time, and there is no need to move the equipment and move it out of the house.

For information on the price of bed bug spraying, you can call the numbers listed in this article so that the specialists of Kian Pak bed bug spraying company can be present at the place.


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