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Master Mani Koosha
Born in 1988 in Tehran, Iran
Mani koosha is member of IMU(iran musician union ), which itself is member of IFM(International federation of music) with registration number 5182.
⁃ Certified by Eftetah Art College for Piano Technical Training with Master degree, endorsed by Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran.
⁃ International Teacher of higher education of Piano Technics.
⁃ Founder of Koosha Piano Technical Complex.
⁃ The first official and certified Iranian technician in Middle East.
⁃ Head of Pardis International Technical Training of Piano Complex.
⁃ Head of Tehran Piano Engineering Training Organization.

About us:
The Koosha Piano Technical Training Complex has been formed in response to shortages of training of technicians and interested students for repairing Pianos in the national and international levels since 2016 by Master Mani Koosha.
This Complex is covering demands for skilled technical masters in all levels.
Koosha Piano Technical Training Complex actively works in the fields of service, repair, rebuilding, renewal
and vivification of old Pianos at the place of the clients or the workshop of Koosha Piano in north of Tehran.
Koosha Piano has repaired and up dated over 3000 Pianos in over 35 Iranian cities (list could be provided) in addition to neighbouring and some Middle Eastern countries.
Master Mani Koosha also has managed over 40 online as well as personal courses for many students not only in Iran but also in Turkey, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates and Australia, and graduates have received his official and internationally accepted certificates.

Our Goals:
⁃ service and repair of all kinds of Pianos in accordance with international standards.
⁃ Training technicians of Piano for raising the knowledge and expertise of those who are interested in tuning, repair and rebuilding all kinds of Pianos including Soundboard and Pinblocks.
⁃ Renovation of “Dead Pianos” and innovation of outer bodies of Pianos for more beauties and elegance.

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