Things you should know before mobile app design

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In this digital, smartphones are an almost inseparable part of individuals' lives. In other words, mobile applications have shaped today's world, and there are app solutions for everything we can think of. That is why many businesses are keen on having a mobile strategy to reach a broader range of audiences and earn more revenue. But it is not as easy as it seems. Do all the organizations truly need an app?

The abundance of Google's play available mobile apps has surpassed the number 2.56 million. The big number indicates the cut-throat competition in all markets. If you want to celebrate victory in the marketplace, you need to answer some primary questions before creating a mobile app. Let us get started.

?Have you spied you competitors

The rivals may have come up with the app idea sooner than you. Analyze the market to avoid repeating the existing ideas. Do not copy others instead, bring an innovative environment for the target audience. Take a look at competitors' reviews and see what people report about bugs, errors, and lacking features.

?Android or iOS

As statistics show Android and iOS operating systems are employed oftentimes. Obviously, the mobile app design process starts with choosing the operating system. Consider the users and their interests, location, time, and budget. Although Android users shape the market but in-app purchases in iOS applications (The Apple store profit is more than the Google play store). If you are looking to sell, iOS is your first choice. Cross-platform is an approach for iOS and Android applications to decline time and budget. An application that runs in both OSs. Sounds good, right?

?How to make money

There are various models. An eCommerce shop sells goods and services. While others earn money through subscription plans or advertisements.

?Opting the app format: Hybrid, Native, PWA or web application design

Every project can benefit from hybrid app development. Hybrid apps combine the advantages of both native and web apps. They have access to a device's native features, such as the camera and GPS. With a hybrid app design, startups and small businesses can save a lot of money. Platform-specific apps, on the other hand, are native apps. They work without a hitch when you're offline. On the other hand, they necessitate frequent updates, a lengthy development period, and a sizable budget.

A web application is a piece of software that runs in a browser. Web apps are simple to keep up with. The web application design of Twelfthdream may be appropriate for your company.

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that has the look of a native app but with the functionality of a web app. PWAs can provide most of the features of mobile apps, such as push notifications. PWA is a web app that can be saved to the home screen and used like a mobile app. Users will never notice that they are using a web-based app rather than a mobile app if the design is flawless.

?What are the ways to develop a mobile application

Hiring professional developers

A dominant Java developer for native Android app a Swift coder for iOS are essential needs in this case. The annual income of the developers starts from 85.000 dollars. The application scope and complexity are determining items to estimate the mobile app design process. But it usually takes 2 to 5 months to build an app from scratch. In this approach, the design takes place at a rapid pace, although it is very expensive.

Outsourcing app development to IT enterprises

In a mobile app development agency, IT experts with special knowledge and skills are accountable for application building. As a result of years of training and experience, they develop a viable product that will receive users' praises. Since you have a team by your side, launching a unique, large-scale, and creative application is as easy as a pie. Furthermore, searching for specialization is not required so, you can put the time in more vital areas of your niche. If you are fresh to digitalize your career, a mobile app development company is an apt choice with strong support.


Freelancers are self-employed programmers. They conduct projects at a cost-effective price range however they are green coders. Security and database issues are common problems in terms of software development which can lead to a tragedy. Picking developers from freelancers is a bit of a risky job because most freelancers refuse future assistance.

App builders

The university of MIT firstly introduced the concept of app builders for the sole purpose of students' and software engineers' education. In 2022 there are tons of them like Appy Pie, Zoho creator, and App Sheet. With the arrival of app builders, normal people can build a fundamental app by learning a few things at a fast pace though there is no grantee for success. The applications are not optimized because the idea is not unique.

How is the app going to be found?

iOS apps are released on the Apple store, while Android apps can be easily downloaded from the Google play store or other alternative Android app stores. Each of the popular stores has guidelines that should be studied. But uploading the mobile app to the stores is not the final step. App marketing strategies keep users engaged with the app so, it is a must to put a concerted effort into it. You won't succeed unless you have loyal users, even if your downloads increase and you get a good ranking on Google Play.

Although the number of downloads is important, you should not leave the application unattended after spending so much time designing it and delivering it to users. Many users only use an app once or twice after downloading it. If you're not attracting a loyal user, you'll need to keep track of their performance and figure out what's wrong.

What affects app cost

The development cost varies from project to project. iOS and Android development agencies usually hold a discovery session to figure out the initial requirements. In this way, the team can estimate the cost and hours. There are some factors, however, influencing expenses:

  • Platforms are a type of technology that allows people (iOS, Android)
  • The location and structure of a development team, as well as the types of developers, are important considerations.
  • In-house or offshore development team
  • Features and functionality
  • UI and UX design
  • Back-end system scale



First and foremost, you should know that having a mobile presence is an inevitable fact in this advanced world. Cell phones are half-souls for our lives which play a great role in connecting people and the massive data stream. Hence, companies of all sizes are enthusiastic about delivering a custom app to their customers. Pay special attention to the following questions to make an excellent and profitable decision.

You are not alone in this journey. You can always count on experts' experience. Twelfthdream is a herald in Vancouver mobile app design services and agencies. Consult with a dedicated team of IT experts for a custom application to own a successful app like a cakewalk. Timing is critical, invest in your idea as soon as possible.

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