How to travel to Dubai during the Corona

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If you are planning to travel to Dubai these days, join us to get the necessary guidance to know how to travel during Corona Virus. this is how a memorable trip will last for you. In this article, we are going to talk about all the information you will need for traveling to Dubai in this time. As most of the countries around the world have announced strict entry rules after the Corona virus, it is important to be aware of them when you want to travel to them.

Traveling to Dubai During Covid-19

The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that has imposed strict rules for the entry of travelers and tourists, which travelers must be aware of before entering these rules and regulations.

Beside the entry rules for Dubai, there are many other things that you should consider to have a safe trip in Dubai like be sure to book your flight with an airline that have strict rules for passengers, book hotels that have special rules for covid situation and also use car rentals in Dubai dxb to have a safe transportation inside the city.

Travel rules to Dubai in Corona

Having a PCR result is the key to entering Dubai. In the first stage, passengers must take PCR test 72 hours before flight and arrival at the airport, and if their results are negative, they should return to the airport with their negative result.

One of the interesting points is that children under the age of 12 as well as the disabled are exempt from this test.

Of course, it should be noted that transit flights from all over the world are not included in these regulations, and PCR testing of these people is not performed at Dubai Airport.

One of the most important things to pay attention to is that the passenger must have the answer to the corona test on paper and with a valid stamp from the mentioned laboratory.

What to do after a positive corona test on the trip?

If the PCR test is positive, the traveler must continue the quarantine at the hotel, obey the instructions of the Dubai Health Authority, and will be severely punished for any violations.

According to the protocols, between 48 and 72 hours, passengers who have a positive corona test will be retested for a corona, and after the test is negative, the person can leave the quarantine area.

Dubai city rules during the Corona

Another requirement for entering Dubai is travel insurance. Therefore, people who buy tickets from Emirates Air or Fly Dubai are automatically covered by the insurance of these companies and no longer need to pay separately to buy insurance.

Passengers will be tested for body temperature as soon as they arrive at Dubai Airport. They must then fill out a health self-declaration form, after which a PCR test is taken.

Corona test costs for a trip to Dubai

We should also note that if you experience a normal flight to Dubai in Corona and your corona test is positive, you will be responsible for all hotel, medicine and medical expenses during the quarantine, unless you have purchased your ticket from Emirates Air.

In this case, depending on the travel insurance you have, these companies are obliged to cover all the costs related to your coronary heart disease.

Instructions for traveling to Dubai in Corona

  1. Negative test that is in English or Arabic
  2. Having health insurance
  3. Installing the program COVID-19 DXB

Dubai tour in Corona

For those who want to buy a Dubai tour during the Corona for the first time, it can be said that using the Dubai tour is the best option. In general, the cost of traveling through the tour is much more appropriate than the cost of traveling individually.

Because; In many cases, hotels have contracts with tours and therefore the prices that are taken from the tours are lower. On the other hand, for those who are visiting this city for the first time, the tour can offer them facilities to visit all the sights of the island.

It is important to note that the costs in Dubai are very high and if you do not have enough experience, you will incur very high costs.

The city has modern and beautiful buildings and skyscrapers, and has been named one of the most luxurious cities.

Corona in the UAE

Currently, 94% of the UAE people received the first round of the corona vaccine, and the UAE has been one of the most successful countries in this field. The corona rate in this country has dropped sharply and is in the final stages of eradication of the disease.

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