Important tips for buying clash of clans accounts

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One of the most popular mobile games for IOS and android is Clash of Clans. This game has been able to gain people's attention with its very attractive graphics and features. Meanwhile, many players are looking to buy Clash Account for sooner progress.

The manufacturer of this game, the SuperSell Company, claims that the game revenue is $ 2.5 million daily. According to the million players of the game, not only the manufacturer, but many players also have different ways to make money from the game. Some also get good income by raising levels of games and then selling them.

Purchasing high-level Clash of Clans account allows you to register early in the top leagues. This game is a game of patience, but not everyone can wait until going through its normal process. To buy Clash  Account, you must be careful and do not act irrationally. Incorrect accounts only make your money go to waste and you will eventually fail to achieve higher levels.

Important questions and answers for buying Account

1.    Is intermediary cost in buying and selling accounts important?

One of the important issues that exist is that before buying and selling your Clash of Clans account, be sure to check post-deal intermediary costs because it may cost you a big amount of money. Be sure to read the rules of the site or you can even talk with their experts. Ensure the cost of the website is reasonable based on the money you are paying for the account itself.


2.    Is it possible to cancel buying?

Certainly, the answer is positive; there are two modes for this question:

  • If the deal does not start, your deposit will return completely.

In the event of a transaction, each side of the parties who attempted to cancel the transaction will be obliged to pay the intermediary. This may happen for any reason and it is better to know the site policy to buy a Clash of Clans

3.   How many days will your account transfer be?

The account should be transferred to the user after purchasing the Clash of Clans account and Pay the full cost. However, in some websites, it may take a long process to ensure the accuracy of the transaction.


4.    Are lower price accounts better?

The lower price of an account should not cause the blindfold to buy it. You are supposed to play with it and upgrade it more. Starting with a strong account will make you better use your potential and show your best because this game fails many consequences. A good player knows that in this game everything is important. The following points are important for buying a Clash of Clans account:

  • Level of Town Hall
  • Level of village and house soldiers
  • Number of village workers
  • The number of gems


5.    How is the privacy and security of the account guaranteed?

After purchasing the Clash of Clans, be sure to change the password and ID. This is only because the recovery of it will be prevented by the seller. Failure to make security measures make it possible to lose your account. The guarantee of a good transaction is based on the privacy of the site, but the security of the account is based on your decisions after buying it.


Final word

The first thing in this regard should be not buying from irrelevant resources. Do not go to any account sales ads on social networks. These ads are often fake and only cause the loss of your money.

That is why buying from legal websites is always the best option. However, even when you decide to buy from a website always remember to check its performance and the quality of offered Clash of Clans accounts.

Purchasing an account is a quick and easy way to achieve higher levels. If you want to buy an account, you must pay attention to the points mentioned above. It is better to have a safe and secure deal with a real seller than lose your money to bad decisions. We try to provide the best and most comfortable dealings. You can contact us for more information about buying a Clash of Clans account.

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