Benefits of weight loss surgery in Antalya Turkey

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Turkey specially Antalya is your first choice if you seek the cheapest option.  you will find many high-quality clinics and hospitals where you can have your weight loss surgery in Antalya (or any other weight loss surgery) done with minimum cost and maximum quality.

People who are overweight are more likely to develop a series of great and deadly health problems. Obese people are at risk of strokes, heart attacks, and many other heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, and its consequences. That is why slim and fit people make up the image of healthy human beings. Thanks to modern medicine and its cooperation with technology, obesity can be treated in many different ways. The most efficient method for obese people who are unable to lose enough weight through diet and exercise is known to be bariatric surgery.

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a surgical treatment used to make changes to the digestive system in a way that lets the person lose more weight sufficiently. The changes made will either reduce the food intake and the storage space of the stomach or somehow reduce the system’s ability to absorb the digested food. Most of the time the surgeon will use a combination of both to get better results. As a result of bariatric surgery, some digestive-related hormones will produce less and this change causes a lot of differences for whom diet and exercise have not worked.

How are bariatric surgeries done?

Some surgeons will use traditional and old methods to do weight loss surgery. They will start with large incisions in the patient’s abdomen to do open surgery. Others will choose the laparoscopic method. In the laparoscopic method, small incisions are made in the abdomen and the laparoscopes (which are small and tubular instruments) will be inserted. The surgeon will use a small camera to do the procedures. This camera is attached to one of the laparoscopes. After this point, pretty much everything depends on your surgeon’s technique and the specific procedure you need.

Is weight loss surgery painful?

While recovering from bariatric surgery, you might feel some pain. The reasons vary from one person to another. The pain could be a headache as a result of anesthesia, or it can be felt in your neck and shoulders which is basically because of the reabsorption of the gases used throughout the surgery. Your body has been positioned in a specific way during the whole surgery so other parts of your body may be painful as well. And of course, the incision site can be painful.

weight loss surgery benefits in Antalya Turkey

Who can be a good candidate for weight loss surgery?

Usually, some conditions will help you realize if you are qualified or not. But the final decision depends on what your doctors say and what you want. In general, the eligibility criteria are based on one’s body mass index (BMI) which estimates body fat. You can be a good candidate if:

  • You have a BMI of 35 or higher (although some doctors say bariatric surgeries are an option for adults with a BMI higher than 40 who are considered extremely obese)
  • You have tried to lose weight at least for 6 months but no good results were shown. (of course, the attempts must be supervised by an expert.)
  • You have at least one obesity-related medical condition.

You cannot consider bariatric surgery as a solution for all obese people. The experts must decide and the patient has to meet specific medical guidelines.

Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey

One of the most popular bariatric surgery methods is Gastric Sleeve surgery in Antalya or also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy which will restrict the food intake by removing most of the left part of the stomach. Statistics show the possibility of 50 to 90 pounds of weight loss after this restrictive weight loss surgery, which is a pretty good start for overweight people. Of course, the proper method for you will be decided by your surgeon and based on your health conditions.

Are there any risks?

Of course, like any other surgery and treatment all over the world, there are some side effects and risks that candidates should know about. Although death is a very rare risk, nobody can say it is impossible. Other risks such as infection and excessive bleeding can happen if the surgery team is not trained enough. There can be leaks in the patient’s gastrointestinal system. Lung and breathing problems, blood clots and adverse reactions to the anesthesia can happen as well.

Long-term risks can include:

  • Hernias
  • Gallstones
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Malnutrition
  • Acid reflux
  • Vomiting
  • Ulcers

Sometimes the patient will need to undergo a second surgery.

Where is the best country to have weight loss in?

The main question for weight loss surgery candidates is where to do it. With a simple Google search, you will find a long list of recommended countries and cities. You might wonder why people travel to have bariatric surgery in other countries and cities. We will tell you why:

First of all, in many countries, the waiting lists to do bariatric surgery are simply intolerable. Good doctors and surgeons will give you an appointment for a very long time later. And for obese people whose lives are at risk, this factor is crucial. They may develop serious heart diseases, gain more and more weight or even have a stroke by then. So the timings are vital.

The other reason is the eligibility criteria. Strict eligibility criteria can sometimes be an obstacle on one’s way to health and even good candidates for weight loss surgeries such as Gastric Sleeve Surgery can end up struggling. Undergoing these surgeries is easier in some countries.

The price is one of the important factors. Most of the time people cannot afford to undergo bariatric surgeries in their own country where they may be forced to have the procedures done in private hospitals.

The quality of professional care the patient receives is also really important. It is of great concern for the patients to be sure that they are in good hands. Some doctors are more experienced and highly trained, and some hospitals care a lot more about their patients.

All the mentioned reasons explain why you need to do a little research before deciding where to do your weight loss surgery. But we made it easier for you. You need to consider the costs and the reputation of both surgeons and clinics, and other factors depending on your situation. Based on many reasons, your number one priority will be bariatric surgery in Antalya, Turkey.

gastric sleeve surgery in Antalya Turkey without risk

Why is Turkey the best country to have weight loss surgery in?

We recommend you take your time and explore different websites, ask all the people you know, and get to know your options, but Turkey is known to be the best country to have bariatric surgeries in. Turkey is famous for having a big number of medical tourists who travel to have different types of surgeries. The affordable healthcare system of Turkey can benefit everyone, including foreigners! But of course, other reasons such as Turkey’s current crisis and the declination of the Turkish Lira’s value have played parts in it.

So Turkey specially Antalya is your first choice if you seek the cheapest option.  you will find many high-quality clinics and hospitals where you can have your weight loss surgery in Antalya (or any other weight loss surgery) done with minimum cost and maximum quality. They also offer great services and packages. Some of them even include clinic transfers, airport pick-ups, five-star hotel accommodation, etc., which can help the patients and their families a lot more.

Are the doctors and bariatric surgeons in Antalya, Turkey, good?

It might surprise you that many doctors who are trained in the United States of America or Europe, decide to travel to Turkey to take up their residency there. And Turkey has the highest number of US-accredited hospitals. So we can assure you the title suits the country when you hear that Turkey has become one of the leading Health Tourism destinations worldwide.

In one sentence, the bariatric doctors in Antalya, Turkey, are way better than what you would ever imagine! As one of the best countries in the medical tourism field for over a decade, 49 Turkish clinics and hospitals have received the JCI (joint commission international) quality certificate.

Are the facilities and clinics advanced if Antalya, Turkey?

It is safe to say that Antalya, Turkey, has one of the world’s most advanced health care markets. The health care system in turkey meets the world’s highest standards and yet it is affordable.

And of course, good sightseeing and visiting the wonders and beauty of Antalya and Turkey before or even after the surgery (if your doctor allows it) can boost your mood and make you feel a lot better. You might not want to go under any stress or pressure after the surgery, and the great five-star hotels can help you with that. As a leading tourist destination, (medical or non-medical) turkey is known to have the best hotels, and the service you will be provided is magnificently great.

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